Career Coaching 

All coaching can be carried out internationally via video conference call.

What we can do

What we cannot do

Are you looking at your potential? Are you wondering what else may be out there for you? Have you looked at alternative opportunities?  Do you have an idea of where you want to be and would like to explore if or how you get there? Do you simply want to work out how to be happier in your current role?

In this session we will carry out a full interview looking at your career history. Also explore what you really like and really dislike doing. We look at what you are good at and where you may not have all the skills in the areas you require. In work and in everyday life how are these skills applied? We would also potentially look at a well formed and realistic outcome for you to focus on. Then investigate strategies looking at how you can achieve your particular outcome.

Estimated time 1 hour

Successful Consultants Limited cannot be held responsible for the outcome following any of the changes or actions you decide to make following a consultation.

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