Recruitment and Business Growth

For growing companies we want to be flexible. Here are some methods we can use to help reduce your costs, but maintain efficiency:

Recruitment and Head Hunting 

With over 11 years experience in Recruitment and Head Hunting across the world we are in an excellent place to help you. We have a proven track record working with start-ups, SME and MNCs. References are available. We can work with you on a contingent, fixed term contract, or retained basis.

Fixed Contract – Ideal for Group Hires 2-4 People Required Rapidly

The length of the contract can be adjusted to suit your requirements. We would work within your business during the contract and become part of the DNA of your team to truly understand your recruitment requirements, fit and culture. During this time we would also populate your database with candidates CV’s with full contact details helping to pipeline your talent pool for the future.

What is the advantage of us being within your business? We are there and present as your needs may rapidly change and evolve during this period. You can let us know what you need and we can let you know how the market sits in your area. NDA available if required.

Retained Search – Ideal for Executive or Confidential Hires

We have a track record of confidentially placing some of APAC’s most senior executives in MNCs. Often working under NDA with tangible results. Feel free to contact us for a discussion about how we can partner.

Business Development 

We can help open doors for you with clients you may not have been able to speak to before. Our Consultants, between them have over 10 years’ experience in building business from zero to fully operational and profitable.

We have a fully populated database to work from to help you and resources such as LinkedIn along with our own already highly developed networks across Asia. Usually at senior and decision maker level. 

Areas covered:

    • IT
    • Digital
    • Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Production
    • Technical
    • Quality
    • Procurement
    • Sourcing
    • Supply Chain
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Human Resources

For further information or to arrange a free call to talk about how we can help you click here